The Values Behind the 2016 US Presidential Election

I like to say any democratic election, no matter the party platform, no matter the candidate, and no matter the positions the candidates support, is a referendum of the values of the majority. I accept often times values aren’t at the forefront of an election. In the USA, for example, issues people seem to be interested in are related to the economy, such as wages, worker’s rights, and the effects of immigration and international trade deals. Other issues in play include our foreign policy and how the United State’s power should be projected, and some domestic moral issues such as abortion and freedom of religion.

Still, despite these issues, there are underlying core values which the population expresses, some in the majority and some in the minority. It is these core values which find their expression in the way issues are framed, viewed, and voted upon. In the end, after the voting is over on November 8, 2016, the world will know what the core values are for the majority of the population and perhaps what the core values are for a significant minority.

With the lead-up to this much publicized 2016 US Presidential Election, from the primary process between political parties all the way up to the final campaign pushes by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, what are some of the core values you observe and what do you feel it means for the future of the USA? If you are not from the USA, do you feel these core values can lead to a positive future for the people of your country?